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The Strawberry Patch PopUp Farm Sale Review
Barn Sale Review | The Hayloft Spring Sale
A Visit to Willowbrook Farm | Franklin, Tennessee
June Feature Vendor : MagSoul
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June Feature Vendor : MagSoul

I'm so beyond excited to introduce our June Feature Vendor, MagSoul! I was first contacted by Mag's assistant Julie as a vendor for the directory, which they were a perfect fit for but I was interested in learning more! I knew there was something unique about this company and I knew there was a story behind it all. Which is what I'm all about! I love the relationships I've made through this … [Read more...]

A Visit to Willowbrook Farm | Franklin, Tennessee

"Nature and serenity abound in this 40 acre, pastoral setting named Willowbrook Farm. The former home of the late Carl Smith (NYTimes/ Billboard), the property is complete with creek side areas, ponds, bonfire pit, indoor and outdoor areas, beautiful trees, fields of flowers and more." is how Keith & Leigh Neidhart describe their picture perfect farm, and I couldn't agree more. Last week I was … [Read more...]

Barn Sale Review | The Hayloft Spring Sale

Another weekend, another barn sale! Stacey Haynes of Anchored Soul Designs and I took the drive up to Clarksville, Tennessee to attend The Hayloft. I always love being at Shirley's farm and her barn is so perfect for barn sales. My son Colt loves being there too, I just let him run free while I shop and talk and he's so happy! We started downstairs and loved the first few booths we saw right … [Read more...]

Barn Sale Review | Bingham Barn Sale

Given the time way and means, I believe I would attend barn sales every chance I could get. This time, it was nice to be a shopper instead of vendor and proved to be the perfect outing for a lazy afternoon with a friend. The first ever Bingham Barn Sale near Leiper's Fork,TN was born after land owners, Mike and Jenny Hayes decided to build a barn on their property for the wedding of their … [Read more...]

The Strawberry Patch PopUp Farm Sale Review

I got on the road to Nashville on Wednesday for a long weekend full of work+fun. After two days of meetings and a volunteer opportunity, Friday morning I was more than ready to get up and in my truck and head out to The Strawberry Patch sale in Hartsville, Tenn. This was my second time at Christy Jo's sale, but first time at the Starlite Farm location. I grew up in Robertson & Sumner County so … [Read more...]

May Feature Vendor : A Piece of the Pie Frames

Is it really, really, really already MAY?! I'm excited Spring is here in full swing and barn sales are happening every weekend :) Life is good! With the new month comes a new feature vendor. This month I am so happy to introduce you all to Lisa Shelton from A Piece of the Pie Frames. Lisa has been so sweet and kind since we starting talking a month or two ago, and I have really enjoyed getting to … [Read more...]

Spring Fling Giveaway!

I'm so excited to announce our first really big giveaway, and even more excited to say who it's with! My wonderful blog contributors Tara from Sproutz Design and Jessica from Hello Little Bungalow! Not only are these girls so unbelievably talented, but they are so very sweet and giving. I'm so excited to see who all enters this fun giveaway and pick a winner! Rules: You must complete the 4 … [Read more...]

The Strawberry Patch PopUp Farm Sale May 1-3

About two years ago, November 2012 Christy Jo contacted me about designing her Spring sale marketing materials. I knew she was onto something back then, but I had no idea she was about to be the face of this new tradition we are calling barn sales. I wanted to share a little bit about Christy Jo to my readers and give you info for her seasonal sales located in Hartsville, Tennessee. Because … [Read more...]

Q&A with Maranda & Penny of Vintage Gems

Maranda Fleming and Penny Dyer Greene have been in contact with us at the Barn Sale Business since almost the beginning. I have enjoyed working and getting to know them both! I love the electric, funky junky, hippie vibe they portray thru their personalities and creativity. No doubt they love rust, dust and vintage! Just like from thier interview, "Saving items from the past and giving them new … [Read more...]

Q&A with Becca Gernt of Til the Cows Come Home

I started talking with Becca via Facebook back in January about her first barn sale, Til the Cows Come Home in just 10 short days, April 25-26th! She was so excited, sweet and ready to work! We had alot in common and it has always been such pleasure to talk to her. She has a great story of how her barn sale came about, how she ended up back "home" at Mullins Farm and the rich history that … [Read more...]

Barn Sale Review | Barn in the Bend

My mom got to go to the Barn in the Bend sale, but alas I could not make it because of a scheduling conflict. But thankfully Ginger Lee from Ginger Made That responded to my Instagram post about needing a guest blogger for the sale review! I'm so thrilled because not only did she write a perfect description for the sale but she pointed out some new vendors that I have not yet heard about! I hope … [Read more...]

Q&A with Shirley Thomas of The Hayloft

I'm so excited to introduce you all of you to Shirley Thomas, the owner and creator behind The Hayloft Barn Sale located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Thru family friends we heard about Shirley's first barn sale two years ago in October 2012 and knew we just HAD to attend. You would have never known it was her first, it was fabulous and so well put together. We spent hours shopping and spending time … [Read more...]

April Feature Vendor : Bird on a Wire & Co.

I'm SO excited to introduce our April Feature Vendor, Bird on a Wire & Co. from right here in Nashville, Tennessee. Sheena Cregan graciously accepted our offer, and to be honest I feel a certain celebrity status e-mailing back and forth with her. The amount of unique talent that goes into her jewelry is so incredible, every day I see a new Facebook post from her and I'm like, gosh I need that … [Read more...]

Barn Sale Review | Sweet Tea & Shopping Spring Spectacular Pt 2

Once again, there was so much to see and talk about at the Sweet Tea & Shopping Spring Spectacular I couldn't keep it contained into one post.... which is a GREAT problem to have! {read the first of the posts here!} I spent so much time talking to vendors that I can't wait to introduce you to. Each one has their own individual talents and I love that each one is putting themselves out there, … [Read more...]