Q&A with Wild Juniper

Q&A with Wild Juniper


photo credit | Racheal Burnett and Erin Talley
owner/designers | Racheal Burnett and Erin Talley

1. What inspired you girls to create Wild Juniper?

racheal and i are long time friends & dreamers. we decided to both try out our hopes of owning a business and our passion for handmade items. the rest is history.

2. Where did the name come from?

our first born’s middle names are june and jasper. We combined the two and came up with juniper. we consider them to be and make our lives a little wild.

3. What was your initial dream for your business?

we have always wanted to own our own business and to have a creative outlet. we’re thankful wild juniper allows us to get to do both.

4. What are a few key points that helped you get to where you are today?

stay dedicated to your dreams. hard work & time is so hard to come by. we have had to learn to balance being working moms, as we know so many do. when you are passionate about something, your determination finds a way to make it work (even if it’s after your kids are in bed!)

5. What was one (or more lol) mistake you learned along the way?

owning a business with someone else, especially your friend, honesty is the best policy. it has been such a cool, growing experience for both of us.

6. How important was Branding your business to you? What was your design inspiration?

we think it’s so important to know who you are as a brand. we are passionate about our customers connecting with us as a business, so we try to send a clear & authentic message of what we are about.

7. What is your long term goals for your business?

right now we work out of our homes. Our long term goals include working in a studio space together with lots of coffee and pretty things!

8. Any words of advice for small business owners?

be confident in who you are and what you do. having a business is a very vulnerable position to be in. you are putting yourself and what you love out there! believe in yourself!

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