Rollin’ Down an Open Road

Rollin’ Down an Open Road

Rewind back to summer of 2014, I had a whole new freedom to follow a dream of gaining my own small business. I had found a great “niche” idea and started to really, REALLY work the business. Cue “The Barn Sale Business” I found myself working tireless hours, trying to juggle my responsibilities as a mom all while my marriage was coming to the end of its journey. I thought though all that was going on, I had it all under control. Then fear took over. Panic of the what-if’s, and the self doubt over took any confidence or motivation right out of my sails. I caved in, self-hibernation (if you will). I closed myself in and fit just what I could into a small mental box and pushed everything else out. And in this little box I had created I found that I could handle those few very small things. I could handle getting up, making meals and taking care of my little one. That was about it.

me and mags!

As the days went by and we found a new normal, I realized I could handle a little more each day. Ok sure, it was small baby steps, but you know I finally got back on my feet. I found a new appreciation for those people around me and determined to set the course straight again.. that path of my deepest heart desire and dreams.

That brings us to here, that place of appreciation for those people around me and now and the lessons we learned along the way. My faith has grown stronger and I’ve learned a new peaceful sense of calm, cool and collected. A sense of appreciation you miss that when your vision is so skewed from too much going on around you. Each day I wake up on the farm I dreamed of, raising my little one with the lifestyle I envisioned when he was born, and then I kiss the man that provides us shelter and a faithful loving stability that we needed. This stability then gave me wings to start flying again.

Although I feel more grounded than ever I also feel more ready to fly as well. I see the potential for my story to maybe even help someone else along their journey.

I write all this because I started to pray for clarity in a situation that I was completely clueless about, I asked for a sign… or two. I am a visual person and needed to “see” or hear a sign. Well it’s been one after another lately and the biggest one that inspired me to write this post was the “Creative Business” session at the Fancy Little Flea market this past weekend in Memphis. Marion of Miss Mustard Seed and Shaunna of Perfectly Imperfect talked about creating the type of blog that people can come and “connect” with. We all crave community and my blog was built on that very idea. But when I lost focus that reflected in my blog and my work. Now its time to get back to the basics of what I started this for, handmade and vintage finds, creative makers and vendors, and ambitious, passionate event hosts.

So with that we will be slowly growing the following we have by providing the best sources for local finds, vendors and the most unique events we can. There will be more one-on-one posts with direct links to sources you can afford and use in your own home. I want to share all that I love about barn sales and this industry. It is here to stay with our love and support.

Thank you to those of you who have stuck with me through this journey, let’s continue this ride! I’m excited to see where it leads…

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