Barn Sale Review : GyspyMoon Marketplace

Barn Sale Review : GyspyMoon Marketplace

We have an exciting event to cover today, brought to you by a mother in law- daughter in law duo Angie Mosley & Whitnee Mosley from the Bowling Green area of Kentucky.

GyspyMoon Marketplace is located just 4 miles from I-65 on a 163 acre family farm in South Central KY. GypsyMoon was one of the first barn sales in the Bowling Green area. The event that is held in and near Highland Stables hosts around 75 vendors, has live music, great food, and offers its guests a great experience.

GypsyMoon also gives portion of the proceeds to a local charity called Life’s Better Together.

Take a few minutes to get to know Angie and Whitnee and their barn sale GyspyMoon Marketplace this weekend November 9-11, 2017.

    1. Where did the name “GyspyMoon Marketplace” come from?
      Over coffee and discussion at our chippy old farmhouse table at Highland Stables!

    2. What was your initial dream for your business?

      We wanted to open up the venue that we run, Highland Stables, and provide the community with the opportunity to experience a barn sale that we found passion for but also to provide the opportunity for all the talented local craftsman to showcase their work.

    3. What has been your best lesson and hardest lesson learned?
      Wow! We continue to keep learning, but our best lesson…. is to always be open to suggestions but also stay true to us and what we envision GypsyMoon or Highland Stables to be. From owning a venue and hosting a barn sale, the best advice we have been given is “Always listen to your belly” If something doesn’t feel right, it’s best to veer away from it.

      As for our hardest lesson learned yet, there’s so many! How best to do advertising, having enough ample parking, staying calm when things don’t go as planned, how to organize and make sure your vendors are happy, etc…

    4. What inspires you?
      The talent of the vendors we encounter, new-old- and up-coming trends, antique/vintage items
    5. What is your best avenue to get your business noticed?
      Social Media has been wonderful for us! We love to connect with people through Facebook and Instagram

    6. Who is one person you look up to? Business or personal

      Angie- My husband Chris. He owns his own business and has more on his plate than anyone I’ve ever known. Yet, he always makes time to help, advise, and inspire Whitnee and I.

      Whitnee- As far as business, I would say Marcy Blum- an event planner from New York. I got the chance to see her talk at a wedding conference we attended in Las Vegas last year and she was so intriguing. She’s gotten the opportunity to plan all of these various events, visit interesting places, meet new people, and provide the people with unbelievable experiences.
    7. What is something you look forward to the most at the barn sale?
      Angie- The excitement and look of peoples faces as they walk in the door.
      Whitnee- The energy that it gives- people laughing, shopping, having fun, and being inspired by what the vendors provide.


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