5 Reasons to Shop Vintage with GypsyMoon

5 Reasons to Shop Vintage with GypsyMoon

This week we are talking about the 5 best reasons to shop vintage. I’m so excited to share this post with you guys today! One because I think it’s so true, but two because y’all we are featuring one of the best handmade vintage markets I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Just going thru the photos Whitnee sent me on what to feature on the blog makes me even more excited to attend in a few weeks! There is nothing like just hopping in the car, driving to a market like this and finding some wonderful treasures. You will be amazed if you attend this sale, amazing in the sense that sometimes you need to be refreshed, inspired, & just have some fun. I feel like lately between everything we have going on, we are not taking the time to rest or do fun things.

So when you are making your junkin’ plans for the next trip remember these reasons and MAKE SURE and put GypsyMoon Marketplace on your list! All the beautiful photos below are from this wonderful market located at Highland Stables in Kentucky.

1. Character – rust, faded paint, worn and aged.

2. Nostalgia – collections, items passed down, treasures etc.

3. Unique- handpicked vendors, vendors create their own storefronts, create items you can’t see at a department store

One of the unique vendors at GypsyMoon Marketplace is Poppy & Clover. Let me introduce you to Gina Boyd & Riley Jo Dever!

Poppy & Clover | website | facebook

We are a mother/daughter team that has been working in our happy place for nearly 5 years, Poppy & Clover.  God has provided us with a wonderful relationship that we think overflows to the success of our business.  We thank Him every day for the blessings that He has provided us.  We proudly created a shop that brings together a collection of goods that represents quality, craftsmanship and authenticity.  We specialize in soy candles, soaps, natural body care, pillows, and many other delightful offerings. Thank you for supporting us on this adventure.  We have reopened a century old general store where we operate Poppy & Clover. Thank you for supporting us on this adventure.

4. Upcycled- using vintage and antique items vendors create one of a kind decor, clothes, art and more

5. Artistry – our vendors are artisans who have immense passion behind the items they create, find, and offer to our customers

A true definition of artistry is Louisville, KY small business Clayton and Crume owned by Tyler Jury and Clay Simpson. Read their story below.

Clayton & Crume | website | facebook

Clayton & Crume was a dorm room startup turned full-fledged leather shop. We proudly produce all of our handmade leather goods in Louisville, Kentucky. We began with the mission to create a signature leather belt that offered unmatched quality and style at an honest price point. Since inception, clients have requested various leather goods to meet their personal lifestyle needs, resulting in an expansion of the brand and business.

Clayton & Crume is honored to be in a position to pursue our mission of creating an upper-tier lifestyle and apparel brand, built on the beauty and authenticity found in our leather goods. As a start-up, we take great pride in serving clients to the best of our ability. We have a variety of products from full-grain leather belts, men’s and women’s wallets, ladies totes, pocket journals, leather coasters, and much more!

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