Host a Barn Sale

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Pick Your Setting

Create Your “Look”

Host, Sell & Profit

Convenient location
Accessible parking
Business zoning
Season (Fall/Spring/Summer)
Name your sale
Pick a color scheme
Design a logo
Create Advertisements
Prepare your barn/location
Design marketing materials
Vendor Applications
Vendor Interviews
Pick a “hashtag” #
Set-up Vendor Booths
Set-up food/entertainment
Create a Location Map
Sell tickets
Decide a POS system
Promote on Social Media
Host & interact with customers
Support a charity



Who doesn’t love to stroll through an old barn, smelling the remnants of hay and livestock, scouring bargains and looking for the perfect addition to … your home! It’s really the perfect way to spend a Saturday, whether you’re buying or selling. Wide-open machinery structures are logical choices—they’re roomy and it’s easy to see what visitors are doing at all times. Heated rooms such as offices and riding arena lounges are ideal venues, too. Choose a location you can clear out to create an open area spacious enough to accommodate tables and displays, ample walkways, and a check-out area near the door where you and your helpers can comfortably congregate.

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However, inviting the public into your barn is not without risk. Check with your insurance agent to make certain your homeowner’s policy covers barn-sale shoppers (most do), then choose a location with safety in mind. Remember, most shoppers aren’t farm savvy and they often allow their children to run amok. If your sale area is adjacent to interesting hazards such as livestock to harass, machinery to climb on or farm lagoons to topple into, make absolutely certain you have enough help to effectively police the grounds at all times.

Not to be forgotten: easily accessible parking for shoppers’ cars. Choose a roomy, mow-able area close to the sale itself and assign a helper to direct traffic and keep customers from parking in your yard.

Hosting a major sale is never a stroll through the meadow; it’s rarely wise to tackle this project all on your own. At a bare minimum, recruit a crew of willing helpers to assist you on sale days and to help clean up at sale’s end.

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