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Facebook Social Media Icons


This generation uses Facebook like the previous generation used the Yellow Pages. Use an eye-catching, colorful timeline banner with your logo and sale dates. Use your logo as your profile image (or a personal picture of you). Add custom tabs including website, social media feeds, RSVP info, ticket info and vendor list.
* Link your Blog Posts
* Post exciting prep/progress posts and pictures
* Post vendor and product spotlights
* Giveaways, giveaway, giveaways!

Twitter Social Media Icons


A quick and easy way to announce information to millions of people online. Create a username that is as similar to your business name as possible, and easy to remember! Twitter networking is mainly based on hashtags, mentions and live-tweeting. So start by claiming a specific hashtag (#) for your sale. Type in a hashtag in the search bar and see what comes up or discover what’s trending to get an idea of what to use. (i.e. Sweet Tea & Shopping Marketplace uses the hashtag #sweetteaandshopping) on all of their posts. It automatically links them together in a group, and when others join in it links in as well to create a trendy topic! Be sure to add your location and date of sale in the profile description area, this a quick reference for those who are viewing on their mobile phone or iPad. There is also a place to enter your website or Facebook page too, be sure to add that.

From the Instagram and Facebook websites/apps you can “connect” to your Twitter feed, which basically means anything you post on that specific social media site automatically post to your Twitter as well (with a nifty shortened URL to take them straight to your post!) Be sure to find this option and connect them, especially if you feel you don’t have time to “tweet” often…. it will do the work for you ;)

Another great and useful feature of Twitter is “mentions” or “@” symbol to link other Twitter profiles (i.e. fellow vendors, featured products, etc.), so when you are building your following you need to interact with other users, and you do this by including the “@” followed by their usename, i.e. @barnsalebusines is our twitter username. This will notify me that someone is talking about us on Twitter, and I can then respond to you and start a conversation — live on Twitter. Now read that carefully, live ON twitter…. everyone can read these tweets. So keep the conversations positive, informative and constructive to both parties involved! :)

To connect to larger audiences, learn which hashtags (#) are trending or relevant to your posts (#barnsale, #barnsales, #vintage #antique, etc.) and use them in your tweets, or at the end of your tweet. Also participate in live tweeting events, such as the #CMAawards or #RHOA, these will link you to MILLIONS of people who share similar interests.

Instagram Social Media Icons


A new app for mobile phones that is an awesome visual for sharing life moments. It is mainly snapshots and pictures, but it can also include quotes, notes and graphic elements. It is a quick way to say something and also create a “scrapbook” of places you’ve been, things you’ve seen, people you’ve met and so much more. Start by creating an account with your business name, or your specific sale name (you can use a personal account if you’d rather.) Start snapping and uploading images to your feed! You can post sneak peeks, vendor spotlights, product reviews, product peeks, barn setting and location shots, inspiration, quotes and so much more! This creates excitement and is intriguing to your viewers/followers. Much like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags (#) to link posts, so create a unique hashtag for your barn sale and use it on all your posts! Also, don’t forget to add your website, facebook url, sale date and location to the profile description section.

Pinterest Social Media Icons


Like a bulletin board, but bigger and much more organized for content and photos that show off what you like, sell, and participate in. I’d rather use a personal account, but you can create a business account with your Barn Sale name or business name. Be sure to add your location and date of sale in the profile description area, there is also a place to enter your website or Facebook page too, be sure to add that.

Aesthetically pleasing images – if it looks great, pin it! These can be your own pictures or content that is repinned from other sources. Remember that by tagging (@) and hashtagging (#) your pins, you can bring in a wider range of viewers and to always link back up to your website if the content is your own so more people know how to find you!

* Create boards like “Vendors, Barn, Products, Inspirations, Country Wedding Ideas,” etc.

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